The most important attribute that an entertainer must consider is one’s brand. As an entertainer, your fans will pay special attention to what you say, how you say it, what you wear, your overall appearance, mannerisms and your actions. These factors make up your brand. Having a great brand leads to more revenue through ancillary income such as paid appearances, endorsement and sponsorship deals.

You can be a great entertainer, but if your brand is not favorable or strong then companies will be less likely to have a business relationship with you. Furthermore, what you do in the public eye can tarnish your brand. A small brush with the law/arrest or a negative comment made at the spur of the moment could result in a company terminating your contract and all business relationships.

Branding, which we place in a separate category than marketing, involves attracting clients to the traits that differentiate you from other entertainers. As a result of the innovations in technology it is now easier to establish your brand. Key core components of your brand will include your logo, website, packaging and promotional material. These items should be integrated in every marketing avenue that you pursue. Our team has experience in assisting entertainers and companies in developing a solid brand strategy. Prior to becoming an attorney Navarro Gray was employed in the Marketing Leadership Development Program (MLDP) at Johnson & Johnson, where he was placed in an elite group of young marketing professionals and trained in branding, promotions and marketing for the pharmaceutical giant.

Once your brand is established it needs to be promoted through marketing efforts. Whereas branding is attracting the masses to those things that make you special, marketing is actively promoting your brand to a target audience through various strategies.