management goldMANAGEMENT

A manager is one of the most important person in your professional entertainment career. On a small scale, a manager can perform tasks such as organizing your daily duties to being your voice in business decisions. On a larger scale managers can also help you decide what record deal to sign, book shows and engagements for you and promote your career. Other managerial roles are as follows:


  1. Assisting the recording artist with business decisions and negotiating terms of recording and publishing agreements;
  2. Providing creative input during the selection of producers, music, photographs and songs to record;
  3. Promoting and marketing the recording artist’s brand;
  4. Networking and introducing the recording artist to other music industry business persons;
  5. Working with other agents and personnel during tours and shows;
  6. Communicating effectively with the record company to ensure they are promoting the recording artist to the best of its ability; and
  7. Being the middle person between the recording artist and any other third person.


A manager gets paid a commission of no more than twenty percent (20%) for providing these services. However, an established recording artist can negotiate a lower percentage.


As an attorney, Navarro has experience drafting, explaining and negotiating management agreements on behalf of recording artists and managers. He also has managerial experience where he provides the personal manager services listed above.