Fetty Wap a One Hit Wonder? I Think NOT!


It is officially safe to say with confidence, that Fetty Wap is NOT a one, or two hit wonder. Fetty Wap, who is currently represented by Attorney Navarro W. Gray, was recently named a XXL Freshman at the beginning of this year. That accomplishment was only the beginning of his success.

When the hit single “Trap Queen” began flooding the radio in 2014, many believed Fetty Wap would be written off as a one hit wonder. The most streamed rapper in America shut that all down by recently hitting the record books alongside well known Hip-Hop heavy hitters Eminem and Lil’ Wayne. According to Billboard, Fetty currently has three songs dominating the top 20 spots on the Hot 100 chart, making him the first male rapper to accomplish this since Eminem back in 2013. Fetty’s “Trap Queen” hit it’s peak at #6 on the chart, “My Way” at #7, and “679” is currently still climbing it’s way up. In addition to matching Eminem’s impressive streak, Fetty also became the first male rapper in four years to have concurrent singles reach the top 10 since Lil Wayne did it back in 2011.

Congrats to Fetty Wap, The Remy Boyz, and his label 300! Be on the lookout for many more hit singles from Fetty Wap and each of the New Jersey native rappers.

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